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Granny Fixit and the yellow string

Stage 1 - Young ELI Readers - below A 1

32 pagine

Ann is ALWAYS losing her things and her teacher is angry. But help is on the way! Granny Fixit and her piece of yellow string solve all her problems … or do they?

- Games and language activities
- An audio recording of the story
- A picture dictionary
Vocabulary areas
School, family and friends, the home, toys
Grammar and structures
Present simple
Present progressive
Have for possession
There is / There are
Can for ability
Question words: Where? / What?
Conjunctions: and / but
Determiners: this / that / a / an / a lot of

The Multi-ROM CD that accompanies the Young ELI Readers adds a new, digital dimension to reading in class with an interactive whiteboard (IWB), to reading in the school multimedia centre or to reading at home on the PC.
The Multi-ROM CD allows children to:
• follow fun animations of the story;
• listen to the recordings on either a conventional CD player or a PC;
• do engaging, interactive and auto-correcting exercises.

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(D) Developed EIDOS

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